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  • Why Your Dog Eats Poop!
    Coprophagia (poop eating) is usually a nasty learned habit and not a medical problem. Here are the top reasons why dogs eat poop and what you can do to curb Read more
  • Puppy Wellness Plan With Microchip
    Our Puppy Wellness Plan with Microchip is our most popular wellness plan. The plan includes the following services for only $28.92 per month: Unlimited office visits Core vaccines Two fecal exams Four dewormings for Read more
  • Feeding Your Cat
    Nutrition is a very important aspect of a healthy life style for your cat. Please watch the following video to learn some important tips about how to feed your feline Read more
  • Important Tips To Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance
    If you decide to purchase pet insurance, there are several companies to choose from. Most provide coverage throughout the United States and offer flexible plans you can use with any Read more
  • Top Ten Poisons For Dogs
    Pet owners need to be aware that there are certain household items and medication that can put their dogs in danger. For that reason we had created the following list Read more
  • Seven Useful Health Care Tips For Puppies
    Got a new furry member in your family? Congratulations and welcome to the joys of owning a new puppy. Get ready for an exciting journey as this new member enriches Read more
  • Video: Second Set Of Vaccines For Puppies $59.00
    At our hospital the second set of vaccine for puppies is only $59.00 . This vaccines package includes: physical exam, vaccines against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and bordetella. Also includes Read more


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