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  • Understanding Anxiety In Dogs
    Anxiety in dogs is a very common problem in the dog population of Clayton County (Georgia). There are 3 different forms of anxiety identified in our canine companions. Canine fear Read more
  • Do You Need Help With Your Veterinary Bills?
    Below is a comprehensive list of pet financial aid-related organizations for the regions of Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico. We always recommend to  contact your local registered / certified rescue Read more
  • Cat Declawing, It's Not What You Think!
    A lot of people in the Clayton County area call us asking about declawing their cats. The majority of those people think that declawing simply removes a cat's nail or Read more
  • Low Cost Neuter Program For Dogs
    GENERAL INFORMATION Neutering is the surgical removal of the testicles is male pets. Such surgical procedure is performed to eliminate reproductive activities and render the dog sterile. Neutering usually (but not Read more
  • Kinder Alternatives to Cat Declawing.
    Scratching objects is a natural behavior in cats. They do it as a form of exercise and to mark their territory. Lately, we had noticed a lot people in the Read more


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