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Low Cost Neuter Program For Dogs


Neutering is the surgical removal of the testicles is male pets. Such surgical procedure is performed to eliminate reproductive activities and render the dog sterile. Neutering usually (but not always) reduces a dog's tendency to roam and fight. The general level of aggression may also be reduced. However, neutering is not a replacement for obedience training. This procedure also prevents certain medical conditions as per example testicular cancer and enlargement of the prostate gland.

Low Cost Neuter Program Pricing

Up to 29 Lbs $60

Plus cost of pain medication 

and elizabethan collar.

30-79 Lbs $63

Plus cost of pain medication

and elizabethan collar.

80-99 Lbs $73

Plus cost of pain medication

and elizabethan collar.

100 + Lbs $83

Plus cost of pain medication

and elizabethan collar.

Other surcharges:

(1) To participate in our special low cost programs proof or rabies vaccination is needed.

(2) Proof of using  veterinary approved flea & tick monthly preventive is also needed.

(3) Inguinal Cryptorchid add a $55 charge.

(4) Abdominal Cryptorchid add a $100 charge.

Surgical Procedure

Your dog will be given a pre-operative physical exam to help ensure its safety during the surgical procedure. For patients older than 7 years we strongly recommend blood work before surgery ( CBC, BCP and UA). The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Recovery is generally uneventful, typically your dog can go home the same day and the aftercare is minimal. Contrary to the tradition of  local spay & neuter clinics, at Veterinary medical Center of Clayton we limit our surgery schedule to less than 4 procedures per day in a effort to monitor our patients  during surgery and recovery in a more efficient manner. The safety of our patients is our first priority!

After Surgery Home Care

After surgery we recommend that you restrict your dog's activity to on leash walking for the next 7 to 10 days. Also we strongly recommend that you use the elizabethan collar during that period of time. You should check the incision at least once daily and report any abnormalities to us.We offer a free of charge recheck 10 days after surgery to make sure the incision site is healing without complications.


All surgical procedures all done by appointment only. Due to the success of our Low Cost Neuter Program in the Clayton County area, we recommend to schedule an appointment at least two weeks in advance.  For more information about the Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program please call our hospital at (404) 366-4370.

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